Wing Chun Academy of Stockholm
詠春拳學會 - 瑞典
The traditional soft internal Wing Chun KungFu martial art
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Partner networks :

Wing Chun Ip Chun Academy (WCICA) 詠春葉準同學會, HQ for Sifu Ip Chun in Hong kong
Ving Tsun Athletic Association 詠春體育會 (HQ for all Ip Man branchs)
Siheng Ho Kay home page - Ho Kay Tsing Yi Wing Chun Academy
Siheng Leung Ting Kwok (Patrick) - Soft Wing Chun Academy (Hong Kong)
Former student Robert Kenneryd at International Wing Chun Organization Sweden

Svenska Budo och Kampsortsförbundet  Svenska KungFu och Wushu Förbundet


Sparring weapon supplier partner (Chinese Butterfly Sword for Wing Chun Baat Cham Dao) :
Realistic Sparring Weapons

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Svenska Budo & Kampsportsförbundet

The Wing Chun Archive

WCAA-Sweden inhouse IT,

WCAA has its own IT solutions for the own web application development and operations (DevOps) of this web site, the Web application is deployed on IaaS cloud, with VM redundancy for IT Disaster Recovery failover. 95% of the web application is own hand-coded handcraft, including own developed and invented web-framework such as MobileFrontController, the application is using very few 3 party software library in order to achieve the top level of security and control. The Web UI is written directly by its own HTML, CSS, and Javascript.