Wing Chun Academy of Stockholm
詠春拳學會 - 瑞典
The traditional soft internal Wing Chun KungFu martial art
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Historical pictures & evidences

Year 2017

Our winter training, WingChun works in Swedish winter

Participating SKWFSwedish KungFu & Wushu Federationnational camp at Bosön (Swedish Sports Confederation)

We are also doing presentations and demo our Wing Chun at SKWF national camp

Evening event after with WingChun students: Weilin, Ludwig and Diem

Evening event after with WingChun students: Weilin, Ludwig and Diem

Year 2014 - 2016

Liwen performing soft LapSao for pulling Yin off stance

WCAA family picture during yearly BBQ in Akallaby 2014

KaiSan together with Yan and Liwen teaching children class at Stockholm Chinese Church (NCCC) 2014

Farewell gathering for WingChun student Johanna (JingTian), she has to return to China 2015

At Donald Mak's Kicks seminar in Väsby 2016

Spring 2014 

WCAA-Sweden visiting IWCO-Sweden seminary hold by Sifu Donald Mak

The importance of structure in rooting & mind-power when Yin pushing Liwen

PhD student Yan and Master student Liwen

The PhD couples Martin T and Yan

Using Wing Chun internal energy (BioEnergy)for healing treatment

Year 2013

Sifu Peter and Yin with Sifu Donald Mak at IWCO-Sweden seminary at Väsby

Peter and Robert K (Head of IWCO-Sweden) at at Väsby

WCAA-Sweden and partner IWCO-Sweden in ChiSao sharing at Akalla

Christmas dinner with the instructor group at Ikea Barkaby

Instructor student Yin visiting Grandmaster Ip Chun and Sifu. Patric TK Leung at HongKong

Year 2013 at Ip Man memory hall in Ip Man home village Luocun 羅村

It was difficult to find the exact location in FuShan

Peoples in Loucun don't knows what it is and what it is about

Chinese web search was pointed to the memory hall office address in Luocun city

Foshan city gov have put road markes from GuiDan highway road 桂丹路.

Ip Man memoryhall open hours

WCAA WingChun demo on May 2012

Demo on how to do to arm lock from ChiSao

How to take control after LapSao turning for punch defence

Takedown with Wing Chun turning

During takedown centerline open for punch

Year 2012 - Wing Chun education at Akalla

JD and Latifa training BongSao stabilization

John and Robert in ChiSao

John counter attacks Robert in ChiSao

Our oldest member, in mind-power focus under LanSao

JD and her son training rooting

Year 2012 Wing Chun education at Akalla

JD forcing heel based turning in YeeMa stance and with help of heeled leather boots

Magdalena and Latifa

JD and Magdalena in balance training for BiuMa stance

JD and Magdalena in defense emulation

Yin training beginner Zhenzi

Year 2008-2009 in Hong Kong 

Peter is demo the ChumKiu form in Kowloon Park at HongKong (21/12 2008)

At demo with about 20 other Wing Chun organizations in Hong Kong

All Sifus that represents the different Wing Chun organizations for the demos for the festival

Training with Sihing Chu in the VTAA HQ summer 2008

Year 2007-2008 in Hong Kong

Visiting Sifu Ip Chun at VTAA December 2007

Tina at VTAA in Hong Kong Dec 2007

At Siheng Patric Leung training Jan 2008

Emil Zhang from Guangzhou China as Wing Chun guest instructor during Feb 2008

Summer 2007 in Hong Kong & China

Peter learning Wing Chun from Sifu Ip Chun at Summer 2007 in VTAA HQ

Fushan museum where Ip Man (Sigong) museum is located inside

Outside the Ip Man museum located at Fushan city since photographing inside is forbidden

In the end found the place in Fushan selling the only Ip Chun and Ip Ching approved Butterfly knife for Wing Chun BaatJamDao

Trying the direct train T97 from Beijing East Station to Hong kong, it took about 25 hours but it is good for climate

Dec 2006 - Jan 2007 in Hong Kong

Peter and Sifu Ip Chun at January 2007 in VTAA HQ

Trying lunch with Sifu Ip Chun and other Sihing's

Peter visiting Sihing Ho Kay (Sifu for Tsing Yi WingChun)

Peter visiting Sihing Patric Leung (Sifu at Wing Chun Martial Art Association)

Sihing Chu guiding to Sigong Ip Man tomb at Fanling, located in the New Territory of Hong Kong

2004 - 2006 at Sifu. Ip Chun in VTAA Hong Kong HQ

Grandmaster Ip Chun and Sifu Wu, a retired Hong Kong police instructor

Sihing Ho Kay, Sifu at Tsing Yi Wing Chun Leung Chung Wai, training with Master Ip Chun since 1967

Sihing Patric TK Leung (Sifu for Wing Chun Martial Art Association) student under Sifu. Ip Chun since 1969

Sihing Chu, one of the Wing Chun instructor under Sifu Ip Chun

Sifu Leung, Chung Wai (Left), student under Sifu Ip Chun since 1967

From Jan 2002 starts my officially continuously learning of Wing Chun by resided in Hong Kong directly under Sifu. Ip Chun

The symbol of Hong Kong special administrative region establishment day in the backgound at Wan Chai

Sifu. Ip Chun during year 2002

Togeter with Sifu. Ip Chun

This was the last year Ericsson sold mobiles, see ad evidence in background over the HK Star Ferry harbour

The inofficial farewell to the past LT Wing Tsun lineage that I learnt from before starting under Sifu. Ip Chun

Teaching at Kista at Ericsson Vallhal 2006

Practice as instructor with the first instructor license

BioEnergy warm-up

Mind power warmup

Siu Nim Tao form training

Step turning power demo 1

Step turning power demo 2

Tan Da demo

Palm chain punch, invited Tri (left) who is my first Vietnamese student

Siu Nim Tao training

Sit-ups chain punch

Close eyes exercise

2006 at Väsby with student Robert K (head of Väsby Wing Chun school)

Practice as instructor under the first instructor license

Pak Da attack and Wu Bong defense 1

Pak Da attack and Wu Bong defense 2

Grabbing defense: diving attack prep. A 1

Grabbing defense: diving attack exec detected A 2

Grabbing defense: Dubble GaanSao A 3

Grabbing defense: Recycling the attacking power A 4

Grabbing defense: completed, attacker eliminated A 5

Grabbing defense: PakSao Attack B 1

Grabbing defense: Turn to neck pulling B 2

Grabbing defense: Turn to neck locking B 3

Grabbing defense type B 4

Grabbing defense B 5

Grabbing defense B 6

Grabbing defense B 7

Sidekick defense PakSao step-in 1

Sidekick attack, defense with PakSao step-in 2

Sidekick attack, defense with turning YeeMa Paksao step-in 3 (from the ChumKiu form)

Sidekick defence Paksao step-in 4

Sidekick defence Paksao step-in 5

Sidekick defense Paksao stepin 6

Akalla 2006 - The start of the WCAA-Sweden Wing Chun school

Practice as instructor under the first instructor license

Class at Akalla indoor training

ChiSao exercise for KauSau from BongSao

Creating the position for attack exercise

One KauSau lock both arms

Defense step turning rotate right Sao inward down to GaanSao // Chaat Wu with left Sao

Turn step with KauSau // defense punch

Turn step with KauSau // defense punch

Maurtiz (left) and Robert K in ChiSao

Maurtiz was my first student as Sifu

Robert K (right) was my first instructor student teaching in Väsby

Robert defense with kwanSao