Wing Chun Academy of Stockholm
詠春拳學會 - 瑞典
The traditional soft internal Wing Chun KungFu martial art
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Applying for Wing Chun education / training

For existing or expired members that want to continue click here.

Please follow the application process instructions carefully, since this is an evaluation of your e.g. motivation, patience strength and capability according to what is written on our web.
It can take up-to 1 hour of patience for compete all the steps, since WCAA-Sweden is seriously educating Wing Chun, we don't want you to come and leave which waste both your and our time.

Please fill-in the web form with correct data and sufficient information so we can understand your profile and expectations.
Note! you can only apply once by security reason.

The privacy data registration is a directive from the Swedish 'RiksIdrottsFörbundet' via 'Svenska Budo & Kampsportsförbundet'  in according to 'RiksIdrottsFörbundet' regulation (stadgar) 8 kap.5§, which is something WAIS need (as an member association) comply to.This means also that we might need to confirm with your ID card number.

Therefore from 2016 WCAA-Sweden need also be compliance to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ( in Swedish "EU:s nya Dataskyddsförordningen? ) since it is replacing the Swedish law act PUL (personuppgiftslagen) 

Step 1

Make sure that you can comply to WCAA agreement before you apply inorder for avoid any misunderstandings and disputes, e.g. you are expected to do daily home work or that WCAA will NOT abuse you personal privacy data etc.  If any part of the agreement is unclear please do not hesitate to contact Sifu. Peter Yeung

Step 2

Check if the connection with our server is encrypted by HTTPS, green below:
Secured encrypted HTTPS connection NOT established yet !

Step 3




Yes I do

You will receive an email with a confirmation code for entering on the next web page, please check also your email Spam Folder.