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Mind & BioEnergy @ WingChun Academy IF Stockholm (WAIS) Stockholm Akalla

Read more about Bio-energy from our document page

Content list (Innehållsförtäckning 内容列表)

  1. Target group (Målgrupp 目标群体)
  2. Setup (Upplägg 建立)
  3. Prerequisite (Förutsättningar 条件)
  4. Dates & Time (Datum & Tider 日期 时间)
  5. Location (Plats 地方 )
  6. Apply (Ansökan 申请)
  7. Fees (Avgifter 费用)
  8. Payment (Betalning 付款)
  9. Instructors (Instruktörer 教练)
  10. About this webpage (Om denna websida 关于本网页)

Target group (Målgrupp 目标群体)

This unique Mind and BioEnergy training course in Stockholm is part of our normal WingChun education program but without the WingChun martial art part.
This a training course is based on the WingChun way for develop you Mind and BioEnergy whatever you will use it for improve e.g. martial arts, anti-stress/relaxations, medical healing, survival art, psychology or just for healthy life style etc...

This training are in 3 phases or levels:
  1. Mindfulness / Awareness 正念 意识 for gain control via mind focusing
  2. Mind-power 念功 development by using relaxation mind
  3. Bio-energy or soft internal energy 内功

Setup (Upplägg 建立)

The training consist 3 steps
  1. Stretching for open the energy flow
  2. Basic energy exercises
  3. WingChun first form SiuNimTao with different goal levels

Theory part contains of documents and discussions included both in our internal forum and partly during the training.
This training method is further developed by WingChun Sifu. Peter Yeung for WCAA WingChun students to develop the higher skill of WingChun but now is open for other applications.

Please read: Question and Answers about WCAA WingChun system for more information
Note: Our WingChun can be a therapy for body, mind health problems. BioEnergy healing treatment is only done on our WingChun students when time are available during the lesson.
BioEnergy healing theory will be teaches as part of WCAA WingChun internal system.

Prerequisite (Förutsättningar 条件)

Since WCAA-Sweden pedagogy is applying traditional WingChun pedagogy mixed with academic pedagogy that differ us from other schools, we believe you can accept & manage the following:

Dates & Time (Datum & Tider 日期 时间)

Spring, Autumn term & Summer term:

Practitioner (beginners) group :

Location (Plats 地方)

Stockholm Kista stadsdel, (WCAA-Sweden HQ is an virtual organization)

  1. Outdoor location Spring & Autumn term
    Address: Akallaby 5, 16478 Kista
    150m from Akalla T-bana exit "Mariehamsgatan" then walk straight on the walkway
    Outdoor location: Akallaby (Mini Skansen) at theatre stage with dance floor

Apply (Ansökan 申请)

Please read this page carefully and the Agreement before applying !

Apply | Ansökan | 申请
This training course is part of our normal Stockholm Akalla class with same price.
In the application form you can state that you only are interested of Mind & BioEnergy.
On-line application web forms

Fees (Avgifter 费用)

We are an non-profit academy and without any subsidy from the government or other organizations by e.g. providing children activities or courses. Therefore we have the freedom for focusing on quality for small group, this results that our fees vary per term for cover costs, it is important that you are price flexible. Training accident insurance are included at year start see below;
  1. First try lessons is free of charge
  2. No late payments
  3. No cash payments
  4. The price will NOT be reduced for drop-in during the term.
  5. Yearly WAIS insurance membership fee pays to Svenska Budo & Kampsportsförbundet (SB&K) via membership in WingChun Academy IF Stockholm (WAIS) that covers the training accident insurance .
  6. Yearly WAIS insurance membership expires end of year
  7. Yearly WCAA support license fee is included for the Akalla practitioner / Instructor Group
  8. Akalla practitioner or instructor are free to visit other groups within WCAA
  9. The lower price is for payment from Payson account (apply here)

Payment (Betalning 付款)

Payment for the fees
No cash thanks , WCAA is complying to Swedish government cash handling regulation legislation 2015
Payson AB (Swedish payment company) is managing the online payment, WCAA is not storing any PCI DSS related data.
Please do NOT try to pay off-line direct to my e-mail address !

Instructors (Instruktörer 教练)

The roles for this term (level independent). The definition of the different role & responsibilities are defined in the Terms & Condition agreement or in the Question and Answers .

Chief Instructor : SiFu 师父 Peter Yeung , 1:st generation Ip Chun certified instructor
Profession : Solution Architect
E-mail : Expected response time: 1-12h
WeChat : peter_yeung_
vCard : Electronic business card
Other responsibilities: Head of WCAA-Sweden , Chairman of WAIS , WCAA Web tool development & WCAA IT-operation ( DevOps Specialist )
Speaks : Swedish, English, Chinese Cantonese and Mandarin (PuTongHua)

Assistant Instructor : Tang, Han Yin 鄧漢然 , Registered grand-student of grandmaster Ip Chun
Profession : Radiographer at Karolinska University Hospital
Speaks : Swedish, English, Chinese Cantonese and Mandarin (PuTongHua).

Assistant Instructor : Deng, Qichen 邓启辰 KaiSan , Registered grand-student of grandmaster Ip Chun
Profession : PhD student at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology)
E-mail :
SMS : +46704995918
Speaks : English, Chinese Cantonese and Mandarin (PuTongHua).
Other responsibilities: WCAA-Sweden Facebook community, Group Instructor at KTH WingChun group

NOTE ! For saving time, all answers can be find on our web page or at Question and Answers . Please contact us for specific questions.

Other contacts:

Key Account Manager (KAM) for Middle East and North Africa region ( MENA ) region partnership:
Name : Jeandark (also known as JD)
Email :
Mobile : +46 72 3958 670
Speaks : Swedish, Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish and English

Legal consultant: Johanna JingTian Chen 陈经天
Email :
Speaks : English, Chinese Mandarin (PuTongHua)

WAIS board:
Founder & Chairman: Peter Yeung
Secretary: Tang, Han Yin 鄧漢然
Treasurer: Carl Johan Håkansson
Link : WingChun Academy IF Stockholm (WAIS)

About this web page (Om denna websida 关于本网页)

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