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The traditional soft internal WingChun KungFu alternative.

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Wing Chun 詠春 (Chinese: 咏春 Yǒng Chūn) is the largest famous non-sport Cantonese martial art ( KungFu 功夫 ) for turn you weakness into strength, since WingChun is unique defence art of martial art than combat sport i.e. defence under unfair conditions and environments e.g. physical stronger/bigger against weaker, many against alone or under dark narrow environments etc.

WingChun Academy Association - Sweden 詠春拳學會 - 瑞典 ( WCAA-Sweden ) is educating WingChun instructors / pedagogues and practitioners (beginners) the strategic defensive martial art of Wing Chun Kuen 詠春拳, it is also an anti-stressful art for survival, health / wellness and profession improvements. WCAA-Sweden is also acting as WingChun mentor or supplier to associations and for enable you to start you own WingChun organization or entrepreneurship.

WCAA-Sweden WingChun is currently the only Ip Man (Yip Man 葉問) 2nd generation WingChun academy in Stockholm Sweden, registered & certified direct under the grandmaster Ip Chun / Yip Chun 葉準 and is therefore lineage registered. WCAA's WingChun is founded and further developed by Sifu (master) Peter Yeung, read more at below:

Why / Motivation

Experience something different that you never thought !
Everyone needs meaningful leisure-time for personal development, this might be the right ?

  • You may want to feel secure for survival in threatening situations, to be clam/relaxed for gain control in critical situations or improve you wellness (mental and physical health) with soft training, maybe also develop you personal soft values in a social group which accepts you as you is, but why not to getting everything in one ?
  • Maybe you have higher self-fulfilment vision for become instructor or master something that gives recognition, identity, influences, or just improve you existing profession. For leadership development you might want to realize you own training class or own business ?
  • Knowing what and why with theories models enables for your creativity by trial & error of your ideas, something that is inspiring, exciting and fun ?
  • Human mind, body and energy is a huge assets for creation and possibilities, don't wast what you believe on which creates hope and passion !
What / Unique
  1. WingChun KungFu/GongFu 詠春 功夫 is one of the most secret and effective Cantonese martial art from the Chinese Qing dynasty based on system concepts / principles. It is most efficient in narrow environments such as lifts and subways etc.
  2. WCAA WingChun style belongs more to the category of Traditional Soft WingChun as Internal Martial Art as a lifestyle with wellness & anti-stress for body and mind. The holistic view is in combination of analytic/simulated mind, mindfulness (psychology e.g. MBSR) , mind-power 念力 and especially the metal attitude development for enable the understanding the deeper traditional way of WingChun martial art. Other soft development aspects are also e.g. mindset prediction, social competences, pedagogic, self & team leadership development, self-discipline, patience, availability to be in focused stillness and take control of negative feelings.
  3. You will also learn how the hidden traditional strategic WingChun principles can be applied against today's martial art and for use it as self-defence including psychological attitude training, self-leadership and weapon defence in close distance. The combination of softness for non-muscular strength makes it suitable for people with weaker body structure and females.
  4. Since WCAA/WAIS are non profit with 100% free from subsidy dependency, we can therefore apply a the Chinese traditional approach of small family team participation development focusing pedagogic education on quality rather then quantity.
    An instructor/Sifu here is having the leadership role as guide/adviser using Group Oriented Leadership (vs. Authoritarian Oriented Leadership) for enable you to be active engaged as part the group and for take responsibility and initative over you training and learning.
  5. Our pedagogic concept is also covering the collaborative learning approach and is adapted to today's busy life. The educational academic driven approach is to make you understand the system principles as a engineer rather than just a user of the system i.e. the background of the system design for combat strategy/theories in a complete concept than just blind training of the system.
    This means the magic of Soft WingChun is: What you see is not what you do, it is just a consequence
  6. WCAA are also currently the only WingChun academy in Sweden with Chinese/Cantonese background instructors and education mainly in English, but with spoken support in Swedish, Cantonese and Mandarin ( Putonghua ). WCAA applies the Christian value foundation and e-democracy based decision process.
  7. WCAA WingChun system derives directly from our Grandmaster Sifu 師父 Ip Chun lineage in HongKong , Grandmaster Sifu. Ip Chun is the elder son of the well known legend Ip Man ,
    WCAA are therefore currently the only and 1:st generation WingChun academy direct from Grandmaster Sifu. Ip Chun here in Sweden, WCAA's Sifu is therefore also Ip Chun WingChun certified and registered instructor. WCAA are therefore also applying the living WingChun concept with further research and continues improvements, including the goal for enable students to be greater than the teacher.

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"A good WingChun practitioner is not a punch gambler. Is about how to control over the power and use soft techniques for take control over the opponent without hurting itself or the training opponent."

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By: Peter Yeung
Chief instructor & Founder of WCAA-Sweden

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